How to Submit a Website to Google?

Creating a Website and then designing a website. This is what we learned until now. Let’s now learn how we can submit it to Google.

So, you’ve developed an amazing site. You’ve put together some seriously valuable content, iterated on the design, and gathered a ton of feedback. Now, you’re finally feeling ready to share it with the world.

And as soon as you publish your new site for the world to see, all of your content will immediately start showing up in Google, right?

Well, maybe. It takes a little more than just hitting the publish button. To get your site listed on search results, Google needs to “crawl” and “index” your content. This happens automatically over periods of days or weeks, but if you’re a site owner, you can manually submit your site to Google and accelerate this process.

Do you need to submit a website to Google?

Before we get started, I am just going to emphasize that submitting your website to Google is not something you have to do. 

Google finds sites and indexes content using web crawlers. These bots explore the internet, regularly checking sites’ content, as well as finding new websites. The majority of websites are found by bots and haven’t been manually listed with Google.

However, you may wish to submit your website to Google if…

  • You are launching a new site
  • Your site hasn’t been indexed on Google yet (we will discuss how to find this out next)
  • You add new content to a particular page and want it immediately indexed.

By submitting your site to Google, you are ensuring that Google is aware of your site’s presence, which can help you rank in Google more quickly.

Submitting Website to Google:

Log on to webmaster tools on Google.

Click on Google Webmasters

Webmaster tools
Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools is a tool provided by Google, to submit your website to Google.

Log in with your Gmail account.Click on Add property and copy your website URL and paste it in webmaster tools.

Click on Add.


Then click on the alternate methods & select an HTML tag.

Copy this code & paste it in your site’s home page near <head> section.

Click on appearance and then select editor.

then click on theme header & then paste the code & update file and then click on verify.

Your account is now verified!
Now, you have some of your required options there. Choose the suitable option and then with those options submit your website to Google and it’s done.

To know whether your website is submitted to Google or not? You can check it by clicking site: your domain name

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