Impressions Adwords

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What is an impression

Impressions is nothing but number of times your Ad appear for the relevant keyword in search engine result page or Ad appear in the certain websites

If Ad appears in the search engine result page then it is done with the help of search network by using text ad. If an ad appears on certain websites then it is done with the help of Display network by using banner ad

Impression share let you know the exact results of impression for your site

In order to allow ads on your website then one must apply for adsence then only ads appear on the website

for every product or service that a business provide should have good impressions because for every relevant search query if we are appearing then it is good. make sure that your impression AdWords doesn’t dropped

If your impression Adwords dropped then you might loose impression share. It also affects click through rate( CTR)

In the display network, the bidding strategy is an impression(CPM). Whereas in search network the bidding strategy is clicks (CPC )

We can also preform impression adwords tracking.

whereas impression adwords is different from impression analytics

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