Internship Process

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HI Guys,

If you have made up your mind to take internship opportunity with ODMT these things you have to do

  • Either you can work on your own websites or your clients. But make sure that those websites are transactional websites.
  • If your’s is not a transnational website i will give my clients website you can directly work on them.
  • I will be giving full access to Word-press, Webmaster, Google Analytics, Ad-words, Social media pages.
  • But make sure that you should put some budget to run these campaigns, then only you will understand the real user behavior.
  • I will be assigning some targets to you and you have to reach in certain time period. Our final goal is lead generation. If you become very good at lead generation any company would love to take you.
  • One  month is enough to do this internship, but if you want to become master you can spend some more time also. I prefer one month. It depends on student to student.
  • Every day you have to spend minimum of 6 hours. If you spend more also fine, but 6 hours is mandatory
  • Every day you have to send the reports at the end of the day. I will check and suggest improvements.

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