Keyword Match Types Used in Google Ads

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What is keyword Match types

There were almost too many decisions in our mind while setting up an Ad in Google Ads for the first time in a while like How much money do I spent per day, Do my bids are high enough, Is my landing page is relevant, Do I start with Search network or Display network. like these things go around in our mind

Along with these all, we need to think about keyword match types. The major mistake that advertiser make is not to use keyword match types efficiently
Selecting which words you want to trigger your ads is deceptively difficult to get right from the start, but makes a heck of a lot more sense once you understand what keywords are and how they work.

Each match type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s incredibly important to understand the circumstances in which you should use one and not the other.

Broad Match

In this match type, your advertisement will be shown if the query of the user has even a single word. It allows us to reach the widest audience. Whenever you use the broad match type there is a chance of appearing your keyword for the user searches any word in your key phrase in any order. It also allows misspellings and synonyms to trigger your ads to appear. For instance, let us assume if your keyword of “ladies hat” use Broad match type then you might be shown to the searches for “women’s hats” “men’s hat” etc

The widest reach of the audience also increases the number of clicks you see in your ads. The problem with this match type is you might fall for clicks to irrelevant searches also. Indeed broad match type is default setting in AdWords account that could lower your ROI

Broad match modifier

Broad match modifier is the majorly used match type by many advertisers who have a big business. It works with the symbol of ” + ” to the specific word in your keyword phrase 

In this match type we control the sequence and words irrespective of any addition of keywords. Whatever the order of search query is it appears whenever the query has all the words that we have mentioned in our keyword

For instance let us assume your keyword as + ladies + hats then you appear for the search query like hats for ladies

Phrase match

In this match type may control all your keywords with a specific sequence. It is denoted with ” ladies hats”

Your ad will only appear when a user searches for your exact keyword phrase, in its exact order, but maybe with some additional words at the beginning and the end of the query.

So let us look if you use keyword ” ladies hats ” in phrase match. Your ads were eligible to show for the search quereis like ” Buy ladies hats” “ladies hats shop” but not for ” ladies blue hats” ” hats for ladies”

Exact Match

Exact Match used to be the most restrictive match type option in AdWords

It is used to target only the specific keywords and close matches. It is defined with brackets []

Let us look us at an example: if you use Exact match type for the keyword [ ladies hats]. Then your ad was eligible to show for a query like Ladies Hats

It used to be the case where Exact Match keywords only triggered ads when the exact keyword phrase you targeted was searched

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