Managed Placements

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What is mean by Managed Placements:

Managed Placement is a targeting method where it allows advertisers to select their placement manually like website, app, Youtube Channel. youtube Videos
Unlike other targeting methods, like keywords or topics where your ads are placed on sites automatically for you (reported in your account as automatic placements), you select managed placements yourself.

  • Managed placements are Optional feature available for an advertiser to choose from thousands of sites from around the world. Luckily, there are a number of sorting options available to make the process a little less challenging
  • Browse Categories: Google has developed an intuitive hierarchal directory of websites offered from the Website Placement network. Here advertisers can navigate by categories like Entertainment > Comics & Animation. This is a superb way to research and find new websites within the Website Placement universe.
  • Describe Topics: This is a superb alternative when you’ve got a current keyword list and are interested in looking for sites specifically geared towards your keyword phrases.
  • List URL: This enables advertisers to just input a list of websites they need ad space on. Remember, only publishers now participating in the Google Content Network are accessible through Website Placement. To prevent confusion, it is ideal to come across websites you are interested in by searching to them with the first strategy. This way, there’s absolutely no question that the website that you would like to target is on the Content Network
  • Select Demographics: This is a great alternative for the advertiser not as worried about particular websites or themes and much more concentrated on attaining a predetermined audience. The Demographic targeting instrument lets you set Gender, Age and Household Income, along with other complex factors. This information is accessed from Gmail and Youtube accounts registrations in addition to information from a number of its Adsense publisher websites

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