Mobile App Conversion Tracking

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Mobile app conversion tracking in Adwords is a type of tracking that provides complete information of conversions of app installs in-app purchases. It is done only through Google Adwords, If you are using Google Adwords to promote IOS app or Android app, you can use Mobile app conversion tracking feature to track how effectively your ad clicks lead to App installs or In-app purchases.

Types of Adwords Mobile App Conversion Tracking

There are variety of adwords conversion for both IOS and Android

App Install Conversion: It provides complete information about the Ad click that leads to app installs. When a customer clicks an ad and he then redirected into play store to download the app. And the person downloads the app, Automatically it tracks the conversions of app installs that happened with the Ad. No need of adding any tracking code in your app

In-App Purchases: If you want to track the conversions of purchases or some activity within your app then you have to use this option to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness.  You can measure automatically in your app, No need to add any code in your app

How to set up Mobile App Conversion tracking :

There are three types of App conversions. We want to select how to track

Track Mobile app conversion with Firebase:
The track first opens, in-app purchases, or custom events by importing events from Firebase, Google’s mobile software development kit (SDK) and app analytics tool

Track Android app conversions with Google Play: Track app installs, and in-app actions AdWords automatically from Google Play.

Steps to setup Mobile app tracking

  • Sign in to Google Adwords
  • Click on Tool Bar on the top right corner of your account
  • Click on Conversions
  • click on +symbol
  • Then click on App conversions
  • There you can see three options available those are Firebase, Google play, Third party analytics
  • If you want to track Android App conversions select Googe play
  • In Google Play you can select App installs, In-app purchase
  • No need to Add any coding

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