Placements In Google Adwords

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What is mean by placements:

Placements mean locations or website in GoogleDisplay network where advertisers choose to display their ads. A placement can be a website or web page or app, or a youtube channel or youtube video

There are two types of Placements available in Google Display network they are…

Try to optimize placements Ad words effectively and use them to display on a particular location

How to add placements in Google AdWords

You can add placement in Ad group level

  • Sign in to your Google AdWords account
  • Go to placements, click on placement tab
  • Click on Edit symbol
  • There you can choose an Ad group of a display campaign
  • Then you can choose placements like website, app, you tube channel, You tube videos
  • And click on Save

How to change targeting in Adwords

You can even change the Targeting in Display network for an Ad group

  • After selecting placements to click on edit symbol there you can see two options those are edit placements and edit Ad group targeting
  • There you can edit Demographics, Placements,
  • Under Narrow targeting, you can edit Keywords, Topics, Audience
  • You can change the Automated targeting
  • edit the Ad group bid

How to Exclude placements list

  • Select the Campaign that you want to edit
  • Click on edit symbol there you can see edit placement exclusion list
  • Simply add a placement list to that campaign

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