Reasons Why BPO Employee Should Learn Digital Marketing

In India BPO is one of the fastest growing category of Service sector. Indian companies are offering outsourcing services to companies located in USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

BPO in India started around 1990’s, but now India is the most favored market for outsourcing work and give tuf competition to China, Brazil, South Africa and Philippines. India is success because of cheap labour costs, availability of skilled and English speaking professionals.

Indian BPO’s are offering many outsourcing services like Customer support, Technical support, IT help desk, Data entry, Bookkeeping etc. Now a days working for more foreign clients the work is scheduled according to their timings, it makes the BPO employees need to work during night shifts also and BPO’s are running 24*7 and it is giving full pressure on BPO employees.

In Digital Marketing they learn many concepts like Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and YouTube blogging

Reasons Why BPO Employee Should Learn Digital Marketing

Reasons why BPO employee should learn Digital Marketing

  1. 200% hike in Salary
  2. Speed Career growth
  3. Can have a chance of work from home during flexible hours
  4. Doesn’t require coding and technical skills
  5. High demand for Digital Marketers
  6. Can have a chance of working as a Freelancer
  7. No Night Shifts
  8. No Attrition Problems
  9. 5 to 6 Digital Salaries
  10. Have a chance to work in abroad