Remarketing List

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What is remarketing list

Before you begin remarketing list you need to know what is remarketing and how it works learn more

A remarketing list is a feature that allows us to create a list of website users, app users, you tube visitors with certain rules and regulations

When you create a list you tend to set the rules like list members, audience name and rules that contain A visited page must match every rule in this group, initial size list, membership duration ( you need to set the duration for which you want to appear ad ) and you can even add a description

remarketing list

Step by step process of creating remarketing list

  • sign in to Google adwords account
  • click on tools icon on top right corner of the dashboard
  • then under the shared library section there is an option available called auidence manager
  • click on auidence manager then you can see three options available those are.. auidence list, audience insights, audience source
  • then click on audience list where you can create remarketing list, click on + symbol to create a list
  • Here you can select the list of website visitors, app visitors, youtube visitors
  • for instance, let us go with website visitors. Try to fill all details like audience name, list members click on drop down you can see the options to select, select ant one of them as you wish and visited page that Includes people that visited a page with the following rules
  • “contains” “starts with” “value” value might be any value like word or number or date
  • Then enter a membership duration how long you want visitors to stay on your list
  • click on create an audience

You can create as many remarketing lists as you want. After creating a remarketing list then go and create campaigns and ad groups

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