SEO Basics

SEO Basics
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Basics of SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  A technique/ practice of increasing both quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It increases ranking and hence online visibility. We will discuss the basics of SEO further.

Let us here discuss some terminologies used in the concept…

Domain –  name of the website

Hosting – space on a server

Domain + Hosting= website

website designing aspects:

Coding – html, java, .net, php

Non coding – wordpress, joomla, drupal

user name



step by step


How does a search engine work?

1)crawling – collecting data…crawler, spider or google bot
2)indexing – store as per the categories
3)calculating relevancy – ranking factor
4)retriving results – display results in SERP

SEO can be implemented as:

  • On-Page optimization
  • Off-Page optimization

On-page optimization can be implemented with:

3)bold and italic
4)Image with alt
6)first line of the para
8)H1 to H6 headings

Keyword research techniques

1) Brain storming
2) Google suggest
3) Keyword planner

Hi You Can Access All My Digital Marketing Videos for Free. Visit My YouTube Channel

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