SEO Exam Questions

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  1. What is domain and hosting
  2. How to buy a domain and hosting
  3. Step by step process of creating a wordpress website
  4. How a search engine works explain
  5. What is on page optimizations and which places are imporatant for Search Engine
  6. What is off page optimization and explain
  7. What is server side optimization?
  8. What is back link
  9. what is SERP rank and what is PR
  10. What is SEO Quake and what is the benefit
  11. What is web postition analysis
  12. what is competition analysis
  13. what is white and black hat techniques ? Explain some black hat techniques
  14. what is sitemap ? how to submit a site ,map
  15. what is robots.txt and how to do it
  16. what is non www to www and how to do it
  17. what is site: and cache:
  18. explain keyword research techniques
  19. what is the limt of title, description
  20. what are google updates and explain
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