Server Side Optimization

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There are few things we have to explain to the server too. That is called server side optmization

  • Sitemap
  • robots.txt
  • Non www to www

Sitemap: If your website have more pages, server might not might locate a particular page. At that time you have to give a map for Server.

Site maps are 2 types.

  • HtML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap

HTML site map is for the user
XML site map for the server

How to Create XML Sitemap

How to create xml site map

Go to the website
Enter the URL, CLick on Start Button You will get one file called sitemap.xml…Submit this file to the root folder


How to not index particular page from Google
Not every page on your website should get indexed on Google. Like payments, terms and condition.

Go to Your Dashboard…Go to perticular page scroll town below Title and description you will find NO Index option. Check that Box

Go to Webmaster tools, select your website then Under crawl option you will find robots.txt tester click on that
You will get one box…Write Disallow:/page
Copy and paste that content in notepad and save it as robots.txt…Then submit to the root Folder

what is robots.txt file and how to generate it

Non www to www

How to convert non www to www

Visit website
Enter the URL which doesnot have www..scroll down and click on generate code
You will some code, copy and paste it in Notpad and save it as .htaccess and submit that file to Root Folder


Hi You Can Access All My Digital Marketing Videos for Free. Visit My YouTube Channel

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