Standard Remarketing

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What is Standard Remarketing in Adwords

Standard remarketing adwords involves retargeting previous visitors through google display ads

It helps to show ads to previous visitors who has visited to our website and mobile apps as they browse

To use remarketing you have to choose the campaign types which you best

Display network Remarketing

In order to remarket through display network use display network campaign.

If you want you can select the goal. But it is not mandetary to mention goal anyway, Provide all the campaign details like name of the campaign ,locations,languages,bidding , budget. After providing all the campaign details create an ad group

Under people you can select who you want to reach, click to expand the audience and select a remarketing and similar audience then select remarketing list if you don’t have a remarketing list use adwords optimized list to automte the ads

To create a remarketing list first you need to add audience source in audience manager

standard remarketing

Search network Remarketing

To use remarketing through search network choose search network while you create campaign

After creating a campaign

  • Click on tools icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Under the shared library select audience manager,
  • select audience list that you would like to add your campaign
  • choose whether you want to target website visitors, mobile app, youtube visitor s,customer list
  • Then create an audience
standard remarketing

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