Top 100+ Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

Hi Guys. Blog commenting is also one of the technique of SEO Off-page optimization. Off-page techniques helps our website to appear on the top of the  SERP page and generate good traffic to our website. As we all know that SEO off-page is also as important as SEO on-page.  Off-page is nothing but getting high quality backlinks from sites which have good DA Domain Authority and PR Page Rank.

What is Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a simple off-page technique where we can get high quality backlinks. What we have to do is just commenting on their blogs. If our comment is genuine and worthful to the blogger he surely approve our comment and we can get backlink. Before commenting what we have to keep in our mind is that blog is related to our business/blog then only we get quality traffic or else we may experience Exit rate.

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Types of Blog Commenting

Generally we experience 2 types of commenting,

  1. Comment box with Website and
  2. Comment box without Website.
  • If you see comment box with website it is best for link building
  • If you see only comment box then type like

Your comment <a href=””>your keyword</a>

Advantages of Blog Commenting

  • Get High Quality Backlinks
  • Increase your DA and PR
  • Drive traffic to your website
Process of Blog Commenting

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First choose the site with good PR and select the popular or recent post on it and comment on it for huge rush of web traffic. Select the site who is approving comments as soon as possible and finally it would be best if you comment on Do-follow sites.

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Top 10 Blog Commenting Sites List

  1. Shoutmeloud
  2. DigitalHalva

The above sites we provided are with good Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority which gives us backlinks if we give genuine comments for their posts.It helps us increasing our quality backlinks and Page Rank of oue website.

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Free Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

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