Top 100+ Forum Posting Sites List 2019

Forum Posting websites are important to SEO. These helps you to get your page on top SERP of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., Out of 17 SEO Off-page techniques, Forum Posting is also one of the top most important technique. All you have to do is giving proper backlinks, description to get good results.

What is Forum Posting?

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Forum Posting in simple term is nothing but replying to threads or Posting new threads to obtain quality inbound links and get good traffic to your website. Usually Forum posting is in the form of text & links  and you will experience social sharing with other people. In simple, it is a place where you can tell people that you are good at particular concepts(niche).


  • Helps you to know the wants, requirements and interests of potential customers and visitors.
  • Best way to connect as many as possible visitors to build relationships.
  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime.
  • Visitor Retention: Enables new visitors, clients and customers to visit back our website frequently, especially when they are looking for suggestion or advice on your concepts.
  • Above all,also you get good Backlinks and DA also for free.


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  • Of course this is the best SEO practice to get good traffic and backlinks there will be some disadvantages also like different people has different opinion on some concepts leads to tiny arguments, mislead links etc., because of free posting anyone can post anything.
  • your website will be open for spammers.
  • If you are doing forum posting for your website it is important that your website should have lot of similar posts too else it will get a negative impact on your website’s reputation.

Process of Forum Posting

  1. Open Forum Posting sites list with high DA and PR
  2. Select top websites with good traffic in 2019
  3. Create account in that site and fill your profile details
  4. Select the niche you are good/interested
  5. Start replying to those threads which you know well
  6. Similarly, if you want to share/ask something create a new thread
  7. Give links to your website while answering.

Top 10 Best Forum Posting sites

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Forum Posting Sites List 2019

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