True View Youtube Adwords

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True View is the name for youtube advertising platform and its called true view because you only pay when someone chooses to view your Video, You are not charged for impressions or video starts, so you know that every video view you get is from a real person,

True view ads are billed on a cost per view basis or CPV and all your true view campaigns are managed right in AdWords, Google Ads true view campaign can help you to reach customers on youtube and across the web and you can control where they appear when they run and who sees them, with true view ads you can reach just the right person at a right a place by targeting your ads by demographics, location, interest and other.

It’s a win for advertisers because you can laser target viewers and only be charged for the one that watches your video or interacts with your ad, It’s a win for the viewers because they see most relevant ads that don’t completely interrupt there viewing session and its clearly win for youtube obviously because ……Money

Just like Facebook has sidebar and feed ads, Youtube has a two different ad format you can use. Each format has different Pros and cons depending upon what you would like to achieve with your ad campaign

  • Inseam Ad
  • In the Display Ad

True view Instream Ads are types of Ads used when you want your video ad to appear before, During or After other videos on youtube, Trueview in-stream ad can appear on videos across the youtube and on video publisher sites and apps on display network

trueview instream ad

Use true view In display ad to promote a video when people are searching for videos on youtube, Trueview in display ads appears next to the youtube videos on youtube search results, on video plays on the youtube channel and watch pages on publisher site across the display network

true view in display ads

Learn More about How to create Trueview Video campaign in Adwords

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