Video remarketing Adwords

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Before you begin lean how to link youtube to your google ads account

You can show personalized ads to particular persons who interacted previously with your youtube channel or other video partner sites. Based on their past interactions you can target them. You can reinforce them with your message with the persons who interacted already.

Benefits of using video remarketing

You will be having lot of benefits through video remarketing include

High ROI: Return on investement is high when compared to Standard remarketing and display remarketing

Flexibility: We are having flexible options in video remarketing like we can target the viewers who liked our video or disliked the video,subscribed the channel or visited channel page. Whereas in website remarketing we can target only website visitors

How does it work

in order to remarket you need to link your youtube channel and Google AdWords account. Following are some actions that include in youtube remarketing

  • Viewed any video from channel
  • View certain videos
  • Viewed any video( as an ad ) from channel
  • View certain videos as ads
  • Subscribed to a channel
  • visited to a channel page
  • Liked any video from channel
  • Added any video from channel to playlists
  • Commented any video from channel
  • Shared any video from channel
video remarketing

How to create video remarketing list

  • Sign in to google adwords account
  • click on tools icon on right top corner side
  • Under shared library section there is a option called audience manager
  • click on audience manager and create an audience list
  • By selecting youtube visitors
  • fill all the details it is asking for like audience name, list members, you tube channel, etc
  • Select the initial list size and membership duration
  • Click create

How to remarketing list to your existing ad group or campaign

Inorder to add your remarketing list to your existing adgroup and campaign follow the process

  • click audience list that you have created earlier
  • Click add to drop down there you can select the adgroup or campaign that you have created
  • click next and choose targeting or observation setting
  • click save
video remarketing

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