What are URL Parameters in Googe Adwords

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URL parameters are kind of extensions to the website URL where it is used to track the information about the click that led the customer to visit certain page URL of a website address

URL parameter consists of a KEY and the VALUE. The key and the value are separated by an equals sign (=). Multiple key-value sets are joined by an ampersand (&). And the first parameter should always come following a question mark (?) in any given URL.

Example : {lpurl}?utm_medium=adwords&utm_campaign={_campaign}&utm_source={_adgroup}

It tracks the information for what keyword your ad triggered and through which campaign user landed on your page. you can also track for what match types the ad triggered

You can also look at Ad Id and also Ad group Id

You need to understand which campaign that draws the customer to your page, which ad group is responsible for a customer coming in to site

When a person clicks an ad first it goes to tracking site and then routed to the website this is done when you use a tracking template

Types of URL Parameter

There are two different types of URL parameters they are content modifying parameters and tracking parameters

Content-modifying parameters are exclusive to the final URL. They carry information to the landing page. For instance, a URL http://example.com?productid=1234 would send a visitor directly to the product page of the product 1234.

Tracking parameters help to track information about click there are two different types of tracking parameters available they are

Custom parameter, Value track parameter

custom parameter

Custom parameter are values defined by the advertisers. Advertisers set them in the tracking templates.

For example, you could define a campaign in campaign custom parameters. it is denoted as {_name}=value: {_ campaign}= Online digital marketing

represent the value in a URL parameter (e.g. the “{network}” in the URL parameter “network={network}”). The {network} the parameter will record the network the click came from (Search Network or Display Network) in your ad’s landing page URL

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