What is Above The Fold ?

 Above the fold is defined as the top part of the  website’s front page with attractive images, important content instantly visible after page loads which helps to grab the audience attention. By placing meaningful , attractive content in the above the fold area makes the user’s to scroll down and can have more chances to drive users engagement  with the website . Hence with more users engagement by spending maximum time on website, bounce rate will be reduced. But it varies with the resolution of every user’s screen.

Through research we get to know that 80% of people don’t have time to read all the information present on your site they mainly concentrate on the content that appeared on “above the fold” that means visibility is more in above the fold area when compared to other visible places.so, because of more visibility we can get better results if we place any Ads or placing Call To Action buttons or placing information about the product features helps to achieve leads and other business targets.