What is an ” Ad Group”

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What is an Ad Group

The campaign consists of a number of Ad groups and an Ad group consists of a set of Keywords and Ads. Generally, In account structure  Ad group is below the stage of the campaign

For Instance, let us assume that you are creating a campaign to promote electronic devices. Then you might have to create a campaign so… Mobiles campaign, laptop campaign, Tab campaign etc

Within each of your Campaigns, you might want to have a separate Ad Group for Version/ model/ etc that would contain Ads and Keywords relevant to them

Budget/location etc are added to a campaign level. Whereas Ads and Keywords are added in Ad group level

The hierarchy goes as follows

Campaign → Ad groups → Ads & keywords

  • The more relevant the ad is to the users search term the better the click rate and the conversion rate on the landing page (for example a user searching for Samsung mobile  would much more likely click on an ad with “Samsung moiles”
  • testing and tracking is the keynote to all successful PPC campaigns and a campaign divided into several Ad Groups is much easier to track with much more significant results

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