What is an ” Ad Group”

Ad group
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What is an Ad Group

The campaign consists of a number of Ad groups and an Ad group consists of a set of Keywords and Ads. Generally, In account structure  Ad group is below the stage of the campaign

For Instance, let us assume that you are creating a campaign to promote electronic devices. Then you might have to create a campaign so… Mobiles campaign, laptop campaign, Tab campaign etc

Within each of your Campaigns, you might want to have a separate Ad Group for Version/ model/ etc that would contain Ads and Keywords relevant to them

Budget/location etc are added to a campaign level. Whereas Ads and Keywords are added in Ad group level

The hierarchy goes as follows

Campaign → Ad groups → Ads & keywords

  • The more relevant the ad is to the users search term the better the click rate and the conversion rate on the landing page (for example a user searching for Samsung mobile  would much more likely click on an ad with “Samsung moiles”
  • testing and tracking is the keynote to all successful PPC campaigns and a campaign divided into several Ad Groups is much easier to track with much more significant results
Hi You Can Access All My Digital Marketing Videos for Free. Visit My YouTube Channel

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