What is an Ad schedule

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A feature that enables you to schedule ad as you wish

for instance let us assume that you want to show your ad in particular timings or in a particular day. You can schedule the timings and day that you want to show your ad

whatever the reason might be you can schedule your ad as per your wish. like you know that you are getting relevant search queries daily afternoon in between 1:30 to 5:00. Then you can schedule the timings for your ad to show on particular timings

Note that when you want to schedule an ad you need to enable “all features” you can even set bid adjustments for particular days you want to show your ad

How to set up an Ad schedule

  • Singin in to Google Adwords account
  • if you already have a campaign click on the ad schedule on left side of the window
  • click on edit icon and select a campaign for which you want to schedule an ad
  • set the days, and timings
    Your ads will only run during these times

When not to use Ad schedule

Unless you’ve got a compelling reason to use an advertisement program, or information to confirm that your ads aren’t effective at particular times — do not use one! Ad programs restrict the range of your advertisements. If you’re in a very small niche market, especially, you can realize you need to bid higher or include more keywords simply to satisfy your target daily advertising spend. This indicates you’re paying for conversions you then might be and that is never good.

Reasons to use Ad schedule

There are quite a few situations in which it is sensible to use Ad programs. All of them derive from enhancing the client experience, enhancing the quality of better or clicks conversion/sales rates.

Mainly Ad scheduled in Search network learn more

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