What is Conversion tracking in Google Adwords

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Hello everyone in this post you will learn about conversion tracking and make conversion using the new version of Google Adwords

When it comes to Google Adwords conversion tracking. is it enough to just track how many clicks and how many impressions your ad acquired? Clicks only tell you how many people clicked your ad. it doesn’t track what the customer has done after clicking an ad once they were on your site

there is a lot of difference between clicks and conversion. it is like you just know someone visits your store and walked back without purchasing anything in order to know the behavior of the customer after clicking ad. you need to apply conversion tracking

Inorder to track accurately in Google Adwords we need to paste the tracking ID in our site. fortunately it pretty simple to do and we”ll show you how. In this post, you will learn how to install conversion code in your site and track

What can Conversion tracking makes us to know

Conversion code is nothing but a small snippet that we have to paste in our site for the respect pages that we want to track

For example if you have pasted a code in Thank you page where scustomers reaches after purchasing a product. it tells us that one conversion has been done

similarly, if you want to track email signups or newsletter downloading you need to paste the code in respected pages that you want to track

How to Set up Conversion tracking in Google Adwords

Getting the conversion tracking in Google Adwords involves two steps those are: creating a conversion tracking pixel code and then installing it

How to create conversion tracking

Get in to Adwords account and navigate to tools bar there you can see conversion tab under the measurement section

conversion traking

The moment you select the conversion you will be asked to new create conversion type. For instance let us assume we are tracking website sales

next name of your conversion and category that falls under. This can include a person or sale or signups

conversion tracking

Under this, you’ll set a value for your conversion. You can choose to enter in the same value for each conversion or use different values for each conversion to track the ROI of your campaigns automatically.

conversion tracking

If you choose to enter in different values for each conversion (which you may do if you sell a lot of items that fall at different price points), you’ll have to edit the conversion tag to use transaction-specific values.

Then you will be taking to another window there it asks us to create a conversion and set up the tab.. select how to install your tag

Here I am going to select “install tag yourself” need to add the code in your website 

under that you will be able to see a code. select the entire code and copy

once you get the code I suggest you install the plugin call insert header and footer in your website or else you can paste between the head section
<head></head> of page that you want to track

conversion tracking

Like this you can track app installs, Track calls from your ads or your website, Import conversions from another system including Google Analytics

Here is app install conversion steps look like

conversion tracking
  • Phone calls made, either through your app or your site. For phone calls, you can require that calls must last a set amount of time—like 60 seconds—in order to qualify as a conversion.
conversion tracking


Google adwords conversion tracking can give accurate look at how your campaign perform and effecting sales. Without it you wont be able to get exact results

With the information the conversion tracking provides, you’ll be able to optimize all your campaigns for better results.

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