What is GCLID

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The abbreviation of Gclid is “Google click Id ” it is a unique parameter that tracks the conversion of post-click like What is the bounce rate, time spent on site, visitors of page clicks for an ad. It is used to track the offline conversions

How GCLID works:

Generally, Gclid works when auto-tagging is enabled. It appends Gclid unique parameter to the final URL

Gclid Example:

For example, let us assume your landing page URL is www.suppose.com When the customer clicks on ad he then has taken to landing page appended with www.suppose.com/?gclid parameter

Overall the meaning of GCLID is that it tracks the information of the post click by tagging the parameter

What conversions can be tracked by the GCLID:

gclid tracks the the information of following

Campaign: From which campaign we got clicks,

Ad group: Which ad group led more clicks

Keyword: For which customer has been to your website

Source: In general source is defined as the origin of traffic like from where you are getting traffic such as search engine ( google ) or domain ( www.suppose .com)

Medium: What type of medium you are using like Ad words platform. Currently, we are using Ad words as a source

Match type: It also shows you form which match type you got a click

So these are the parameters that can be tracked automatically when you turn on auto tagging

If you don’t want auto-tagging you can manually enter the tags as you like. Auto-tagging is very useful it also saves time. It also gives access to analytics data into the Google AdWords whereas it is not possible for the manual tagging

How do I know whether I am using Manual tagging or Auto-tagging

Yes if you don’t use auto-tagging you can able to see UTM parameter in your final URL. If you haven’t specified UTM values for one or more of these parameters, Analytics uses the auto-tagged values for those parameters instead.

GCLID length

Google has announced on Google+ that they making changes on characters limit of GCLID previously it wad 26 character limit

Now it has updated to maximum 100 characters

When compared to GCLID and UTM. better to use Gclid because it tracks the offline conversions of a post click and saves time and also import data from Google Analytics to Google AdWords

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