What is google mobile-friendly update

google mobile friendly
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The mobile-friendly update is launched in the year of 2015 on April 4. Which is designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

General information

Google wanted to improve the user experience on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and phablets with the mobile-friendly update. The background is that searches are carried out more frequently on mobile devices. According to recent surveys, Internet users use their mobile devices for almost 70% of their Internet searches to gather information, buy products or conduct navigational searches. Add to this the increasing sales for mobile devices. In particular, younger users access the Internet with these devices.

At the same time, many websites and applications are not designed for smaller displays and their idiosyncrasies. Different conditions are associated with smaller displays, various types of operating systems, and less hardware resources, which this update focused on. User displays on mobile devices are characterized by features that are different to using the Internet with your desktop PC or laptop. Google therefore believes that mobile searches should also have different search results. That is exactly what Google implemented with its mobile-friendly update. Mobile optimized website and apps are positioned higher in the search.

The update affected the following areas:

  • It only affected the mobile search. The traditional Google search on desktop PCs is not affected.
  • It affects the SERPs in all countries where Google products are available.
  • It does not necessarily concern entire websites, but individual pages that are shown to match a search query.
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