What is Google Re-marketing?

There’s evidence to suggest that only 2-4% of site visits result in transactions.

Stats like that can be scary. Or they can be the motivation you need to fuel your marketing efforts.

There are a number of ways to not only get customers to your site but also persuade them to take action.

One such way is running a remarketing campaign on the Google Ad network.

But, first – What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to advertise to people who have previously visited your website, used your mobile app, or who are in your CRM databases, by showing them relevant ads when they visit other sites or search on Google.

It’s an effective technique that allows you to stay connected to your target audience while also building brand awareness.

Lucky for you, there are a number of tools and strategies to help you with your remarketing efforts, from generating a Smart List to creating a custom audience using a Facebook pixel.

In this post, we’re going to focus on how to bring potential customers back to your site.

We’ll go through how you can set up a Google remarketing campaign and also how you can take advantage of the several networks they offer so that you can achieve maximum reach to your target audience.

By the end of this post, you should have the skills needed to set up a remarketing campaign that will generate great results.

Let’s get started.T

Re-Marketing Process:

Log on to your AdWords account.

Then click on tools and then click on Shared Library then select Audience Manager.

Click on the + icon which is visible on your screen to create a remarketing list. Select the audience whom you want to target. Fill all the details of the targetted audience:

Re-marketing should be done wisely.so in the list members always select visitors who do not visit another page.

Now, give your URL which visitors visited & also the page which visitors doesn’t visit. This tracks who didn’t convert and will be easy to remarket.

Targeted URL.
Targeted URL

Initial list size: It is better to select an empty list for good tracking.

Membership duration means how many days you can target an audience. The maximum duration is 540days.

Select your required duration days. Then, Select Audience sources from your Adwords account.

Select Google Ads tag to do remarketing.

Google Ads tag
Google Ads tag

Now set up the Google Ads tag:

Select your appropriate option for setting up the Google Ads tag.Select the User id option in the general parameters so that remarketing tracks all your audience through user-id & click on save & continue.

Copy the Global site tag code and then paste it near the </head> section in your website. If it’s a WordPress website then go to appearance then select editor then theme header and paste the code there.

Paste the code near the </head> section & then click on update file.

Now, create one more Ad campaign for the existing cookie partner. Select either the ad how you want to present. I selected the Display ad. Create the campaign and giving the details required.

Now, mention your Budget, usually, re-marketing ads are cheaper than the actual ads, and then in the advance settings select the second option.

Now in the advanced settings select the website visitors and then select your created campaignsafter that go to the additional settings and then click on frequency capping and then set a limit for it.

Now, set the bidding amount, remarketing ads are always cheaper than the normal ads.

Now, you have to create a new Ad, remember re-marketing ads should always be Innovative with 20% offs, limited period offers or offer expires soon ads.

create a new ad
create a new ad

then click on create campaign & make the payment then click on launch the campaign.

You can see the performance of the re-marketing ad in the analytics.

Take Your Remarketing to the Next Level

Getting your remarketing set up correctly is great, but if you really want your campaigns to deliver awesome results, you have to get inside the head of your target audiences.

Every potential customer is on a buyer journey, and every buyer journey is different. If you want to use remarketing to lead potential customers to the point where they are ready to buy, you need to craft marketing messages that match where your customers currently are—not just where you think they are.

Here are four ways to do that:

1. Resolve Their Concerns

Often, people aren’t ready to convert because they still have unanswered questions or concerns about converting. They might not be ready to spend what you’re asking. They might not be ready because they feel nervous about giving you their personal information. They might not be ready to make the time commitment that comes with signing up.

So, keeping all in mind you should solve all their concerns. Through, this your remarketing sales will increase and you will get good customers.

2. Cut Your Prices

Often, one of the biggest reasons why people aren’t ready to buy is because they aren’t comfortable with the price. 94% of people invest time in comparison shopping, so the odds are that most of your potential customers are hoping they can get what you’re selling for a cheaper price.

So, discounts here will help you a lot, always remember remarketing will be successful only when you apply discounts and offers.

3. Bring Them Back for More

The best remarketing convinces people who have converted to convert again.

Marketing doesn’t end with a sale. Sales may be the ultimate goal of marketing, but truly great marketing gets people to buy again and again. To pull this off, you really need to understand your buying cycle. If someone just made a purchase, they probably aren’t ready to buy again the next day. Give it a few weeks or months, though, and new needs or challenges can easily get someone ready to buy once again.

Increase your sales by following these tips:

This is how the Re-marketing Works!!!

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