What is Mean by Campaign in Google Ads

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What is Campaign

Campaign in Adwords account is also know as Ad campaign. Where it is the first stage of creating an Ad.

Simply it is set of multiple adgroups and then Ad group consists of keywords. Overall it is set of Adgroups, Keywords, Ads, Landing Pages,

In this level you can set a target for Language, budget, location targeting, and other settings. 

Campaigns are often used to organize categories of products or services that you offer.

A single Ad account can have a one or more number of campaigns according to there Business

For Instance let us assume that you are running an educational institute which provides different types of courses like SAP training, testing, JAVA, DIGITAL MARKETING. so you can create campaigns with different courses available

Each Campaign consists of one or more number of Ad group

  • You can create separate ad campaigns to run ads in different locations or using different budgets.

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