What is QR Code | How to Generate QR Code

What is QR CodeHi Guys, Now-a-days SEO is greatly influencing the SERP page. Getting a backlink from a QR code in not valuable but it drives traffic to your website which is also one of the basic goal of yours. Google can’t read QR codes so that still we need to use Alt-text for Google to read.

SEO is driving the right people to your content and converting them.With the new generation of starting Smart phones and QR codes the difference between the online & offline marketing is disappearing.

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QR codes were first generated in 1994. A Toyota subsidiary named Denso Wave developed the code in order to help in the manufacturing process to track vehicle and it’s parts. It was designed to make decoding process as much quick as, hence the name Quick Response (QR) Code. Since their creation barcodes became very popular due to it’s quick response. Thus, many developments were made to improve the technology to store the as much as information.

The Case For QR Codes

By 2018, I believe Quick Response codes will permeate US marketing – from direct mail pieces, to catalogs, billboards, display, TV, store signage, websites, product packaging, and even the products themselves. The movement has already begun, and for good reason:

  • 2D barcodes give smartphone consumers the ultimate shortcut, whether they’re looking to engage, gain more information, or to re-order a product. By satisfying the never-make-me-type ethos of mobile consumption, barcodes represent the new hyperlink (“hardlinks”) that glue offline and online together.
  • QR is more than just theory. Last year, smartphone consumers increased their scanning of QR barcodes by 1600%, typically to get discounts, get more information, or make a purchase. Think this is just a youth movement? Think again: 70% of QR consumers are between ages of 25 and 55.

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Advantages of QR codes:

  • Drive traffic from old traditional media like paper
  • Automatically allows users to access our website by just scanning
  • Provide extra information about your product easily
  • They offer virtually unlimited data storage

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Process to Generate QR Code

  1. Go to QR Code Generator
  2. Enter your website URL
  3. Click on Create QR Code.
  4. On Right Side you will find your QR Code.
  5. Under QR Code you will find some options like colour, style & logo you can customize them and download QR Code.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Article-Ad”]How to Generate QR Code